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Dark Side of the Room & Grampa, Tell Me 'Bout The Good Ol' Days

Fri, Jan 19 at 8pm

at Theatre 99
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Dark Side of The Room

Based out of Atlanta, Dark Side of The Room was formed by the African American performers of Dad's Garage Improv Theater Company. In their improv format they take a classic movie (i.e. Star Wars, Jaws) and improvise what the black people were doing during that movie. Every show is a unique experience for the audience that will entertain and inspire.


This show is a completely improvised trip down memory lane! Matt Horgan (Dad's Garage Theatre Company, Big Ol’ Show) and Tim Stoltenberg (The Second City, iO West) are a man in his twilight years, looking back on all his mistakes in life, and his college age grandson who still has all of his ahead of him. With the help of audience suggestions, Grampa will maybe teach Junior a valuable life lesson, educate him about the family curse, warn him about the deadly danger of redheads, or any other completely made up nonsense. Those who forget history are doomed to improvise it!

Theatre 99

280 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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